Three lipsticks I love

There are days when you’re just on a hurry to go out of the door. And you can’t put a full face of make-up on. So you end up putting on powder, mascara and lipstick.

This post was inspired by Poppy Deyes. In here, I have put for you 3 lipsticks that I have been loving at the moment! They are suitable for everyday or occasional looks. Here it goes!


1. Covergirl: Colorlicious Lipstick, Hot (P349)

I actually have this product in my April Favorites Post.This is a Bright Red colored lipstick which would be perfect during Christmas, Occasions or going to the mall. They have a creamy-matte formula. They last for quite some time, but not after eating.

2. Illuminate by Ashley: Enhancing Lip Gloss, Tan Lines ($8)

This was featured in my previous post in where I did a review on them. And I LOVE THIS! It’s a light pink color that would look good on everyday Β or go-to looks. This is a lip gloss so they don’t last that long.

3. BYS: Lip Colour Balm, Seduction(P349)

This is actually a birthday gift from my friend. It’s a beautiful shiny nude color. Since it has a balm formula, it doesn’t dry your lips, has a cool-minty feeling when you put them on. You feel like you have a balm on, but it has color. (you get it? I hope you do. HAHAHA) . You can literally use this wherever you go.


I hope this post was very helpful to you guys!


Szarina Julia


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