Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale Review!!

In case you haven’t heard, Ashley Tisdale released her own make-up line called Illuminate and it has been talked online (a lot) since then. And was so excited to get one, so I got one or two…….


(WARNING: SHAMELESS PLUG AHEAD) If you haven’t seen my Instagram post or Tweet, then you would not know that Ashley Tisdale noticed me!!!!! omggggggg. ( Still can’t believe it until now, sorry not sorry). I posted a photo of the Illuminate products that I have and she liked it on Instagram. Then I tweeted her a photo of Illuminate and she liked and re-tweeted it. aaaaaahhhhhhhh.♡♡♡♡

[Back to the topic] So I have been using some of the products for quite some time and want to share if it is worth the buy.

First, the packaging is so so so so GORGEOUS, it has stripes of Rose Gold and White (faves) and has the word “ILLUMINATE” printed on the middle. It’s inner side of the box is teal colored.



Ashley released 2 eye & cheek palettes , 6 lip glosses, and 6 lip & cheek tints and has recently released 2 shades of Highlighters, and also 2 shades of Body Bronzers. I have 1 palette and 1 lip gloss. (Actually, my mom owns the palette). They ship the products worldwide so you can get them wherever you are.

So I’m gonna start with the palette


There are 2 kinds or color schemes for the palette: the Beach Goddess Palette, which is a light scheme that you can use for an everyday look, and the Night Goddess palette, which you can use for darker looks.


From left to right: Dusk (Bronzer), 4 AM, Nocturnal, Moonlight, Wild Child, In The Stars, Night Owl, Animal, Dangerous(Highlighter), After Dark, Twilight, Dawn (Blush)           EXCUSE MY HAIRY ARM


  1. The Night Goddess Palette is named after night stuff
  2. The Beach Goddess Palette is named after beaches
  3. The colors are very pretty
  4. They are pigmented so you can just apply a little bit
  5. You can carry it in your purse
  6. Has 9 eyeshadow colors, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter.
  7. The bronzer is uh-ma-zing
  8. Has a combination of matte and shimmery eyeshadows 
  9. They ship worldwide
  10. It has a mirror



  1.  It has a plastic kinda cover over the palette which has the names printed on. So you’ll have to keep the plastic thingy if you want to know the names.
  2.  It’s made out of cardboard so when the powders get smudged on the cardboard, it’ll leave a mark
  3.  idk if you consider this as a con but it doesn’t contain any brush

But on my opinion this product is worth the buy. Two thumbs up (I think more than two tbh)


There are 6 shades for this Lip gloss which is actually referred to as the”Ënhancing Lip Gloss” (you’ll know later why it’s called like that) and are named after summery stuff. “I got the one named “Tan Lines” which is kinda like a bright pink (but not too bright) light pink. That I have recently been using as an everyday and a go-to lip product.



  1.  All the colors are cute
  2.  Smells very good (Tan Lines smells like peaches — on my opinion)
  3.  The Applicator makes it glide on easily
  4.  It glides on easily (obviously)
  5.  It’s not heavy like other lip glosses
  6.  It has a creamy consistency
  7.  Makes your lip appear fuller (has volulip) REASON ITS ENHANCING (ta-da)

So basically, for me, these products are really worth the price. You get amazing colors and quality. If you’re a person who is starting on makeup then I can recommend this to you because it’s complete with the usual face things you need — you know what I mean.

Pluuuuuuuuuus, they are affordable! the palette only costs $18.00 (take note, it contains eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter) and the lip gloss costs $9.00. I know it may seem a bit expensive when converted to Philippine pesos, but it’s worth it. And if you’re an Ashley Tisdale fan, then you would need this


I hope this was very helpful to you


Szarina Julia


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