Birthday Post!

If you saw my previous instagram posts, or read my “Switching to a new site” blog post then you would know my birthday was on July 12 šŸ™‚

I still can’t believe how a year has passed by so quickly. But, that’s life, you won’t notice how time passes by so quickly because you’re having fun. Since a birthday is a very important occasion (to me and everyone) I want to share what I have done on my Birthday! (bc why not?)

We celebrated my birthday for two days because I had school

(First Day)

First of all, I was surprised when my classmates gave me their own birthday messages for me (almost cried)

Next, we had dinner in Shakey’s Pizza and I had an Ice Cream Sundae for my birthday.

 (Second Day)

Can I just say how this cake looks so gorgeous *insert heart eyes emoji* and it tastes delicious

This past year has been incredible to me, I learned new things, and most specially I startes this blog.

Thank you for everyone who greeted me or just remembered my birthday.


Szarina Julia

P.s……… come back tomorrow at 4 pm for another blog post šŸ˜‰


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