Mother’s Day Planning Guide!

Posted on: May 6, 2016

With a few days till Mother’s day, I wanted to give tips or a guide on planning your surprise for your mom! You can do this by yourself, or ask help from someone. I compiled my ideas on planning a gift for your Mom.

1. Know what she wants

Before buying your gifts, know what your mom wants. If she wants: cooking or baking materials, clothes, accessories, or something else. And also think of what kind of surprise would you want to give her.

2. Plan

After knowing what your mom wants, or what you want to surprise her. Write it all down in a note pad or your notes in your phone. Write down planned gifts, surprise breakfast, etc.

3. Budget

Well, of course you need to have money to buy your gifts. Go break your piggy bank!!! After counting your savings, go budget it! Remember the things that you wrote in your notes/notepad? Well, beside the notes, you can write down your budget on each like so:


(example gift) Purse – P500

4. Go shopping

Don’t shop for yourself okay? Shop for your mom. If you are in the mall. Go to different boutiques where you can find what you want. One of the best shops that I can refer you to is Papemelroti (not sponsored). They have the BEST novelty gifts you can think of. But remember, stick to your budget.

5. Prepare

After buying the goods, hide them in your room; where your mom won’t be able to have a peek. In there, you can fix the goods and get them ready for May 8th. Once your mom go to sleep, or when it’s late in the night. Go wrap your gifts! And if you have a surprise, go prepare it!

6. Happy Mother’s Day!!

Lastly, Surprise your mom!!!!!

This planning guide post is all from my opinion. I hope this post helps you in your planning for your mom’s special day. Remember to make this day special, okay? Give your mom a big hug and shower her with your love and kisses. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom and to all of the mothers in the universe!

I know this is a short post, but I hope it came handy


Szarina Julia


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