Favorites: April

Posted on April 29, 2016

Since it is the end of April, I wanted to post an April Favorites! These are products and random stuff that I loved throughout the month and maybe some from about last month or until now. These are mostly stuff that are gifts from my family that I have just started using.


Maybelline: The Nudes Palette 

This Palette is like, so goooooooooood. It has 12 different shades that are suitable for everyday look or if you are going to a party. They are soooo blendable. Like, what I said, I use this palette when we go out or if I just want to (ha ha ha).


Covergirl: Colorlicious Lipstick in Hot Chateur

Covergirl is a make-up brand that I love since I was like nine or ten? I’m not sure. But I do know, that this was America’s Next Top Model’s prize (to be on the cover or be the representative or something). And, since I love that reality series, I’ve always wanted a Covergirl product. And I got one! I love how this lipstick LITERALLY stays all day. Even if you eat dinner or Ice Cream it still stays! (I’ve done it, trust me) It’s also affordable, I totally recommend this product. TWO BIG THUMBS UP.


Vera Wang: Princess

This perfume is a gift from my Aunt. It came with a hand lotion. This smells absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You just want to spray it all over you. It really makes you feel like a Princess. Plus, the cap can act as a Crown Ring (which was discovered by my friend). Bonus points!


Cath Kidston: Squirrel Mini Purse

Another fact about me is that I love Cath Kidston. When my Ninang gave this to me I was so, happy and shocked at the same time. It’s a small purse in where you can put your school materials or you can also use as your make-up bag. I couldn’t find this product online, but I did found some items that have the same design.


Hailee Steinfeld: Haiz – EP

Even though this was released last year, I love this album, I love the tune and how it makes you feel alive. I especially love the song “Love Myself” and also “Rock Bottom” which I also love because of DNCE. Hailee came to the Philippines back on April 8, 9, and 10. But, I didn’t get a chance to go because it was too far.

Taylor Swift: New Romantics Music Video

Like I mentioned before, I am a Swiftie, when I first saw this Music Video (in Apple Music) I was IN TEARS (and repeated it for about a lot of times). Tears were rolling because: One, because of her message to the fans; Two, 1989 World Tour is over and they are playing clips from the tour; Three, because there wasn’t and will never have a 1989 tour in the Philippines. New Romantics is one of my favorite song from the 1989 album (even though I like all the songs). It’s just sounds so wonderful. If you are a Swiftie  or you just like her songs, you REALLY NEED to watch this music video.


Szarina Julia


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